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       For Indian Registered Members who will be paying annual fee of Rs.500 (For NRI $100 USD) payable in Bank of Baroda, TRIPLICANE Branch, Chennai - 600 005, A/C Number: 06780100000298 in favour of "Bondil Association" (OR) Demand Draft Payable at Chennai.

About Bondil..

       In the Madras (formerly composite state of Madras and Andra Pradesh) state Census Report, 1891, the Bondilis are said to have derived their name from BUNDHALKHAND which is a hilly town in Banda District of Uttar Pradesh. From this place our ancestors migrated to the Southern part of India. This is confirmed by the Director of Rajasthan State Archives, Bikaner. They claim to be Rajputs but appear to have degenerated in the course of time due to the political situation then. For various reasons, our ancestors migrated to South India. The most significant was that a large number or scale, migration took place on account of forced conversion of Bondilis into Muslims by the Muslims Rulers in North India during 17th and 18th centuries. In order to avoid religious prosecutions by the Muslims and to retain the age old culture and tradition, the Bondilis had to seek shelter in the Southern part of the country which was free from political turmoil at that time. Those migrated to South had concentrated themselves in groups, small numbers, all over Tamil Nadu. They never returned to their motherland BUNDHALKHAND and this place had became a foreign land to them.

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